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About Sophie S.


Sophie S. (Shannon Poole), singer/songwriter, has quite a passion for performing and creating music. She has been doing so since her childhood and adolescent years. Along this journey has come groups, being a “Youth Music Leader” and musician for churches, as well as working with other producers/artists.


Now she is solo and working on her craft as an individual.


The purpose of her first body of work and EP “Initiation” was to pull her listeners into her music as a writer and singer. Showing her different styles of writing and what was on her heart at that time.


That complete project can be found on reverbnation or soundcloud.


She writes from personal as well as other points of view on this project covering subjects like confidence, loneliness, taking it slow, and intimacy.


Her self titled EP to be released this summer with singles “Crossroads” and “DWI” are available on ITunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, TIdal, Googleplay. (Links on home page and download page)


Her brand encourages, motivates, and uplifts self-confidence, individuality, a strong sense of commitment to self, and honesty with ones self.


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